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The purpose of this recruitment site is simple; to coordinate all skill acquisition, full time and freelance employments, business partnerships and affiliations of all our subsidiaries under one roof. Click any of the 3 subsidiaries at the top to access current openings in them.

Recently we had BBMP 1-2 Promo that ran till Aug 20th, 2019. Standard Prizes are now operational. See BBA Studios section for details.

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We welcome employees and partners, supporting B2B services in meeting customers'needs. We are globally inclined so, our employees/partners don't have to be physically enclosed with us.

Learn & Work

Art is inborn but perfection can be learnt. We offer platforms to learn or improve on art skills and gain employment with us to utilize these new skills. This is a great way to turn your passion into a revenue stream.

Work For You

We offer B2C and B2B services with professional enthusiasm and do not breed unhealthy competitions as ours is a creative industry, too wide to be monopolized by anyone. So, entrust us with your next project!

BBA Studios

2D and 3D animated computer graphics. The whole spectrum!
Visit us on facebook: fb.me/busybissyanimationstudios

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Some basic background you should have based on interested skills

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*Freelance Work may be available with us. Check below

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BAT House

African performing arts on a new mission

Coming Soon

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BBM Fingers

The magic of nature

Coming Soon

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About US

BusyBissy Media cum Animations.

  • 2007-2013

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The beginning of our journey is way before this timeline but we can significantly point to this as we attempted to start artistic endeavours in Calabar with the onset of a playhouse

  • 2014-2018

    Refinement and Upgrade

    The place for training can never end in the pursuit of perfection. Within this period, we intensively pursued degrees in Theatre and Media Studies, Arts and Animations. Learning continues...

  • 2019-Till Date

    An Idea Becomes a Product

    Here we are today with an opportunity to be many things in the world of art with the primary focus of providing economic, social, corporate and personalized solutions to emerging problems of our times

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Our Amazing Team

At the start line but focused on the finish line.


Lead Artist

Nkanu Nkanu

Exec. Head, Business Development & Strategy

Bimbola Jacobs

Foreign Liasion

Our drive is indept, our passion is divine, our skills are prepped.

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